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"This is to confirm that I have retained the services of Anglehart Appraisals in the past and I find her very competent and knowledgeable. Her firm has provided our Financial Institution appraisals that are at the market value. Some of the appraisals were reviewed by our Adjudication Center of Expertise (ACE) and meets their criteria/Terms of Reference.

Gino Ross, BBA, PFPc

Branch Manager Scotiabank

Tracadie, NB

"Évaluations Anglehart Appraisals has been a great asset for Desjardins Enterprises. Led by Stéphanie Anglehart Paulin, the firm has done numerous residential and commercial appraisals for our company . The report, as well as the work done, has been very professional and the service is ALWAYS fast and efficient. The property values are always reliable, reflecting well the current market conditions.

Jeffrey Patterson

Directeur de comptes

Desjardins Enterprises, Gaspé QC